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We sell mixed quarters, full sides, and whole beef giving you the most variety of cuts year-round!


Our bulk orders are charged by the pound on the hanging weight of the animal. (AKA on the rail.) This refers to the weight of the beef as it hangs in the butcher’s cooler once the head, hide, feet, organs, and blood are removed.

Our price includes processing, custom cutting, wrapping, and flash freezing. We use a local government-inspected abattoir to harvest, age, cut, and package our products.

You customize your order!

  • Roast size

  • Steak thickness & qty/pack

  • Qty per pack of ground

  • Stew cubes or strips

Cut selection

  • Roast (Blade, Cross Cut, Short Rib, Rump, Round, Sirloin Tip)

  • Steak (Tenderloin, Striploin, Ribeye, Tbone, Sirloin, Blade, Round, Sirloin Tip)

  • Ribs

  • Ground beef

  • Stew beef

  • Burgers

  • Brisket

  • Shank

  • Organs (Heart, tongue, liver, tail and soup bones)

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